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While we (in the United States) are in the midst of a broadband service evolution, the majority of the world remains dependent on wireline phone and cable tv solutions for their communications needs.  Some of the barriers to expanding broadband services or delivering next-evolution technologies is the high cost of deploying additional wireline or wireless infrastructures to facilitate the ever-increasing reliance on wireless communications and connectivity.

When an organization is considering a “smart wireless” deployment, several factors, or “ABCs” come into play. They are as follows:

Access – who, or what will be connecting to the system?

Bandwidth – ensuring it’s adequate to support end user needs and connections.

Capacity – the ability to manage subscriber activity and create a positive end user experience.

A complete end-to-end-solution should be smart, simple, and easy to deploy, while providing QoS to manage traffic and access control across the network.  .

Mayhew Technology Solutions believes by delivering BEST IN CLASS solutions that are scalable, secure, and cost effective. Our customers can support their organizational objectives by ensuring their network and communications infrastructures are robust and reliable to support both human to machine and machine to machine connectivity.

By deploying the right wireless solution, customers can significantly reduce the capital costs of their communications infrastructure and develop a model that is capable of growing with their business.